​We produce high quality gears and gear wheels. We constantly strive to be the most attractive producer of gear wheels and gears in module 0.1 to 2 in Northern Europe.


Osvald Jensen A/S is a Danish-based, family-owned manufacturing business that develops customer-designed gears and gear wheels, with in-house production of worm gears marketed under its own brand.


We will be the leading manufacturer of worm gear and gear wheels in Northern Europe.

High quality, solution-oriented product development and a high level of adaptability shall ensure a position as the leading manufacturer for businesses that need specially-adapted and customer-designed products.


Osvald Jensen will be perceived as a loyal, trustworthy and value-creating partner that supplies goods and consultancy based on solving the customer's problems and meeting its expectations.

​Osvald Jensen A/S

​Kirkebjerg Parkvej 47

DK-2605 Brøndby

Phone: +45 43 96 20 77​